Monday, June 27, 2011

Superhero Sketchbook Pages

I'm just back from Heroes Con (in Charlotte, NC) and Wizard World Philadelphia (in, well, Philadelphia, PA). I even had my own booth in Philly, where I sold prints and sketchbook ashcans (email me if you want to buy one - they're only $10 and well worth it!)

Having a booth was a learning experience to be sure. I found myself wondering about my approach. At some point, I stopped asking "What do I want to see in a comic book?" and started asking, "What are the abstract ideals of comic art? and illustrative art in general?" I don't think people care about that second question, and I'm not sure why they should. So, I stepped back, looked at the artists I admire and tried to pull some of that mass-appeal into my style. The following sketchbook pages are from after I got back.

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