Monday, May 2, 2011

April Sketches

From comicbook characters to catalogs/fashion books to life drawings, this month covers a fair amount of ground. Looking back on my old work, I feel pretty stoked about the progress I've made in the last year. But I'm not done yet. Check back soon, because the best is yet to come!

Extra points for anyone who can correctly identify these actresses/characters:



Green Lantern:

 Life drawing:

Watercolor experiment (X-men Marvel Girl/Phoenix and Cyclops in their original costumes):

Another life drawing:

Cafe drawing and a catalog drawing:

A bunch of catalog drawings:


  1. Is the first one Anne of Green Gables????? I love your stewardess drawings I know the exact pages (and cover) they are from. I never noticed the Patrick Swayze likeness. That's hilarious. Thanks for the linkage to your blog. You do great art!

  2. I haven't seen your drawings in a good ten years but you have really come in to your own, Carl.

    (This is Tim btw. used to work with you at TRU and live down the block)

    Fantastic art!

  3. Kristen gets a gold star - I drew the first page while watching Anne of Green Gables (my sister and girlfriend were educating me in the ways of Anne with an 'E'). Thanks for the comment!

    And Tim! Long time no see! TRU memories ... how sad I was when they turned that place into a Babies 'R' Us.