Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Wind-up Child Logo

Part of my current comic collaboration is branding and packaging the comic (I've also been working on thumbnails for our first 22-page issue). Part of me doesn't want to be distracted by the branding side of things and stick to drawing (because that's what will hold or loose our readers), but part of me is excited by the design challenge of creating a comic logo. Besides, if the logo doesn't do its job, potential readers won't understand the content and will be less likely to give our book a chance.

Enough theoretical discussion, let's look at what I've come up with:

Obviously, the name of our book is "The Wind-up Child." It features genetically-engineered, super-powered teens who are being used and sold as slave mercenaries. "The" and "Child" makes perfect sense, but "Wind-up" is a little more open to interpretation. It might mean "Old time-y technology," or (as it turns out) it might be more metaphorical, representing something give an input and it follows a predetermined course. There's a definite sci-fi aspect to our tale, so I wanted to move people away from the "Old time-y" interpretation and stress the futuristic nature of the story. I also wanted the word "Child" to be charged with a sense of tension, danger. The uneven x-height and inconsistent ends of the letters help contribute to this ... or at least that's what I intended. I'll be curious to hear peoples' reactions to this logo.

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