Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back ... From Outer Space

Actually, I was out of town (and away from my computer) working on my OTHER job. The job I do so I can continue to eat and not sleep outside. Anyway, I was away from my computer, but I was NOT away from my sketchbook. Here's a little more from my upcoming comic project. Starting this week, I'm going to start working on this in earnest, so expect exciting things!

First up is the Mercury logo design. At first I wanted to make it look like old money - the kind of logo a company that has ALWAYS existed would have. I thought their logo should look old, but classy, so the Roman god Mercury is a natural choice.

Not sure about the MERCury (Merc = Mercenary? get it?), that might be a little on the nose. I actually like the last logo (at the bottom) rather a lot. It's even imposing the way I wanted the logo to be. But I decided it wasn't right. This company genetically modifies children and sends them out on assassination missions. This company should be forward thinking, or at least it should perceive and resent itself that way. So I sketched this tiny, tiny version and I kind of love it. Instead of the god Mercury, I've taken my inspiration from the element Mercury.

Even in this tiny, rough concept form, I think you get the idea. And that got me thinking, "A company with this logo wouldn't send out their commandos in standard military gear." So, I had to redesign the kids' costumes. The new costumes needed to be cutting edge, slick, and I also wanted to throw in a little teenage style.

My first instinct was to color them in black, grey and yellow, but that would make them look WAY too much like X-men knockoffs, so I went with black and three-tone grey, with white details.

... oh, and I have heard art teachers say, "If people cut figure drawings off at the ankles, they probably can't draw feet." I can draw feet, honest. I just didn't plan these drawings out very well. I'm still not sure what I want to do with the shoes. Trainers to emphasize the youthful style? Combat boots to give the uniforms a little more edge, tooth? Hmmm ...

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