Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heroes in a Half Shell ...

While in California I met with the fine folks at Nickelodeon about an internship. The woman I spoke with the most seemed to dig what I'd included in my portfolio, but commented that I could use just a couple more examples of animation specific work. When I got home I put together these drawings to fill the gaps she pointed out.

For those who don't know (how could you not know?!), Nickelodeon recently acquired all the rights to the Ninja Turtles. Another of the Nickelodeon guys suggested I do some more Turtles work, so that's why they are my subject.

My goals with these designs were:
-Give each turtle a distinct design, based on personality. Traditionally, all four turtles look pretty much identical. Why can't each look like his character?
-Make the turtles actually look like stylized turtles. I haven't found their past designs to look especially turtle-like.
-Appeal to everyone, but target kids. I'm not sure what Nickelodeon would say about their target audience, but that might be what I would say about it. Plus, the most recent Turtles cartoon was definitely for the tween and teen audience, so this is a nice change.

I really hope I get the internship, because I really enjoy what Nickelodeon does and would love to be a part of it.


  1. I love the concept of envisioning them having different body styles. All I have seen of them they all have the same body type and style. You tell them apart from their weapon and their color. I think, also from your other drawings, it would be cool to see them as different types of turtles even though they were all turned at the same time. If could rewrite the origins story maybe you could do that.

  2. Who did you talk to? Was her name Josilin Torrano by any chance? That was the nice recruiter from Nick I interviewed.